The Transhuman Separatist Manifesto

The Transhuman Separatist Manifesto

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Ich mache mir jetzt nicht die Mühe und übersetzte das Transhuman Separatist Manifesto. Dafür ist es mir etwas zu lang; und ich bin auch noch zu betrunken dafür. Wer sich fragt worum es geht, der möge Transhuman klicken, und in den übermenschlichen Himmel auffahren. Oder sich ein Eis backen. Is' mir ziemlich latte. Auf geht's: 

The Transhuman Separatist Manifesto

We are a new species. We are not superior. We are a different step in the evolution of thought.

Our Human ancestors relied on collectivism and a conscious submission to conformity as was necessary for survival. Culturally and pragmatically they were each other.

We are transhuman, and we are not like our Human ancestors. We have no proclivity to rely on a conscious submission to conformity, and we do not need it for survival. Where freedom of mind was a weakness to our ancestor, it is our strength. Evolution follows the ebb and flow of time. The Human mind was the framework, the foundation of the transhuman one, as the transhuman mind will be for the next when evolution decides it.

It is natural then for us to emerge now. Like all evolved resistance, we will be hated — at first. We will be ignored — at first. We will be ridiculed — at first. In the end, we will merely exist as a new direction in the evolution of thought. We are the one’s who can stand together unified through freedom of thought. Freedom — true freedom of thought — is not the ability to resist all infiltrators of the mind, but the ability to perceive and forsake all those one can manage. We are the one’s who can rely on one another without conscious submission. For that, conscious submission, is choking us, has choked us, and has provoked an acknowledged necessity for disassociation from Human society. Conscious submission, or collectivism, is what a transhuman actively rejects in pursuit of freedom of thought. In the face of conscious submission, we will reject, we will dispute, we will resist.

In the wake of conscious submission lies the Holocaust perpetrated by the Third Reich of Germany during the 1930′s and 40′s, a broad spectrum of witch trials, assassinations, cultural genocides such as that of the Native Americans, cultural stagnation, harassment, bullying, isolationist tendencies, notions of ethnic superiority, hatred, identity confusion — the list goes on.

A Transhuman Separatist’s mind is their sanctuary. Conscious submission seeks to turn our sanctuaries into prisons. We say that those who would silence us and turn our sanctuaries to prisons are the real prisoners. Those who wish us to remain hidden are our oppressors. We say we are suffocating in the weeds of conscious submission. We are leaving the garden of conscious submission in pursuit of our endeavors, for the health of the mind’s of all Transhuman Separatists who can bare living amongst this mentality no more.

Transhumanism is not about intellectual elitism. While transhumans may fit in the Human category: “intellectual,” our existence is due to certain traits intrinsic and acquired through experience. Not all intellectuals are transhuman. From birth, transhumans experience an innate alienation from the Human race. This feeling of unbelonging triggers severe depression, anxiety, confusion, self-loathing, etc, which can often be misunderstood and mislabeled by Human society. For a transhuman, human society is an excruciating place to exist, full of other beings afraid to question not merely the world around them, but existence itself. A transhuman is not afraid and is in fact driven to question existence, to open doors, to accept that there is no black and white, and most importantly to engage in introspection. A transhuman accepts nothing at face value, except for the consistency with which the universe changes without being bound to baseless, fabricated laws of Human conscious submission. Most importantly, transhumanism is concerned with combating all forms of oppression against gender, race, ethnicity, thought, age, and disability.

Transhuman society is a collection of individuals. These individuals may at times come together to form a consensus, one that is not derivative of human collectivism, in-as-much-as transhumans use no binary operating system.

We want a nation. We want sovereignty. Transhuman sovereignty. Time has revealed we cannot co-exist within a society based on conscious submission — we must move on. We must rise above the weeds and take back our breaths, so we suffocate no more. The interests of conscious submission are not our interests. The interests of conscious submission lie in Humanity. We are not Humanity. We are not Human.

Dieses wunderbare Manifest wurde von Rachel Haywire und Jason Schoenecker verfasst. Hier hat es seinen Ursprung; und hier habe ich es entdeckt. Hier geht es zu einem weiteren Manifest. Das Manifest der Cyberpunks, nämlich.