Katze geht wandern

Stephen hat 2004 auf 'nem Gipfel einen Hund gefunden. Der ist seit dem auf allen Wanderungen dabei. Dann kam eine Katze vorbei und hat die beiden mitgenommen. –  Also mit Leine und so nem GPS-Anhänger mit einer Meile Reichweite um den Hals… warum denn nicht? 

Burma s tracker and collars this is the system. Burma wears an all black 1 and I have 2 extras should something happen to his. Puppi doesn't really need 1 but if she did I could attach 1 of them to her collar. The receiver itself isn't as big as it looks the antennas fold in and it's lightweight. It receives on channels 1 through 70 and you just dial in the channel that your cats collar transmits. Each individual collar transmits on its own channel in the 1 through 70 range. It has up to a mile range in the country but reception and direction can be affected by hills or mountains or forests. You just have to get good at using it to fine tune and follow the signal and understanding it if this happens. Once you understand how it works it's an invaluable tool. The other day on a steep mountainside Burma was close but I was getting a strong signal in a 180 degree direction but I changed my position a few times to mark the signal and follow it to Burma. You follow the signal to the collar by the beeps and loudness of them and a needle that physically shows how strong the signal is too. As it gets closer you fine tune the direction by reducing the signal strength to the lower of the 4 settings. Although the loCATor is a whimsical name it's made by a company that has made these tracking devices for wildlife biologists to track wildlife with for decades. It works and I highly recommend it for anyone with the need of knowing where their cat or dog is in the outdoors. http://www.com-spec.com/thecatlocator/

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Warum nicht? Na deshalb:

Oder deshalb:

Wär' ich ja längst 100x ausgeflippt. Ich guck' mir jetzt mal die Video alle an und nächstes wird dann in der Eifel Katzengewandert. 

Wie sie mich ansieht, gerade ;) 

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