Afrika und der Transhumanismus

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Drüben auf ist derzeit ein notwendiger Artikel zu lesen, der sich unter anderem mit der anti-transhumanistischen Argumentation des Ihr vergesst die Armen! befasst, der sich der Rolle Afrikas in der transhumanistischen Bewegung widmet, der es trotz aller Reflektion schafft, den Charme des überheblichen fortschrittgläubigen – aber durchaus optimistischen – Autors zu transportieren, sich aber ab und zu in gedanklichen Konstrukten verheddert, die mir weit hergeholt erscheinen: 

First, we have to come to the understanding that our Transhumanist motive is to enhance humanity out of love, not out of hatred; out of understanding, not out of despair and most importantly due to our incessant dissatisfaction with the existing limitations of the human body. Yet, such a harmony can never work where inequality triumphs.Inequality has been the greatest ill of the world since the dawn of civilization and it comes in two forms: one bestowed by nature and one created because of our social, cultural, economic, political and technological inequalities and the regulatory institutions that facilitate those inequalities. Obviously, the most intoxicating form of inequality is the one created by humanity.

Hui! …und dann folgt sowas besänftigendes wie das hier:

We do not want a utopian sermon and empty propaganda about a world where aging is no more a threat, a world where babies are born perfect, where humans will attain super intelligence and extraordinary strength. What we really expect to hear from  a movement such as Transhumanism is how it is going to overcome the limitations of human nature and how it will enhance humanity while inequality and injustice in technological advancement are casting a gloomy shadow on the near future of the people in the developing world. Before we start boasting about transcending humanity, with the help of technology, we ought to consider the issue of technological inequality, where it stands and in what varying degree is technology used through different regions, worldwide. Otherwise, we are not enhancing humanity; we are only creating weapons to destroy it.

Eigentlich sind wir Transhumanisten total nice drauf und Hitler war ein blödes Arschloch. Sage ich ja andauernd. – Der Artikel ist ein Knaller, der gibt Denkstoff für Tage. Viel mehr als das hier oben steht auch drin. Mehr nach dem Klick.

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