R.I.P. – Flavio Costantini


Der von mir sehr geschätzte anarchistische Künstler Flavio Costantini ist bereits am Montag nach längerer Lungenkrankheit – aber ohne Pein – in einem Krankenhaus in Rapallo, Italien verstorben.

Sad news today: after a month’s deterioration in his health, Flavio Costantini, graphic artist and friend of 40-years, passed away peacefully in a Rapallo hospice on Monday 20 September. His wife, Wanda, and other close family members and friends were at his bedside. Flavio had lung cancer for some time; the seriousness of his condition, however, was known only to himself and Wanda — until near the end, which came sooner than everyone expected. He leaves cheery memories, and the world — artistically at least, with his visually thought-provoking images — a richer place (anarchistnews.org

Nach dem Klick, findet ihr einige weitere Kunstwerke von Flavio Costantini. Möge er in Freiheit ruhen!